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Vicco Vajradanti Toothpaste is an effective herbal toothpaste that fights with germs & mouth odour and prevents dental problems. It also helps in healing any wounds and reduces inflammation in mouth. This herbal toothpaste is made by combining 20 different herbs and barks. It is rich in antiseptic and analgesic in nature. Regular use of this toothpaste will make your teeth and gums strong. It is medically-proven and is permitted by the government under the Ayurvedic Drug License.

Sonali Dubey Review

Very refreshing toothpaste Sonali approves this product
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Healing properties

We have been using this toothpaste since ages and it is the best used ever. This toothpaste not only cures the sensitive teeth but also makes them strong and white. It also makes the weak gums strong and cures bad breath. It is made by 20 different barks and herbs. It has a very strong smell and it gives a refreshing feel. It does not have any chemicals and is safe to be used even by kids. This toothpaste is readily available at all leading stores and is quite affordable. It also helps in healing wounds and inflammation in the mouth.

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