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3 years ago

Decent shampoo


This shampoo from Patanjali might be the first to one smell like orange and it is pleasing. I guess Baba Ramdev is reading the reviews of his products (lol). I have used quite a few of his products, and some have worked whereas some were utterly useless junk.This shampoo leans towards those successful ones. It claims to give naturally beautiful hair, and I believe that it is doing exactly that. My hair feels relief from all the tension caused by the pollution around me, and it stays tamed for a solid two days.The packaging is simple. Nothing fancy, but it works well for me. The texture of this mustard colored shampo is not creamy, but it forms a very good lather. So, while washing my hair, I feel satisfied with the way it cleanses my scalp and hair.It’s so affordable that anyone can purchase it and give it a try. Even if it doesn’t work, you won’t be losing much. That was also my thought while purchasing it.If you ask me whether I’ll purchase it again, I will say that I will. Although it is not a fancy shampoo, it does the job of any other shampoo, so yeah definitely purchasing it again.

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