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2 years ago

Does nothing for dandruff


This Patanjali shampoo comes in a white bottle with a purple open-flip cap. The light green consistency of this shampoo is very thick, so just a small amount is required to cover up my scalp and hair. It comes at a very good price and is easily available. The packaging is not sturdy, and it’s kind of bulky, so to take it while traveling is not convenient. It comes in just one size.I’m not very fond of the herbal smell as I want my hair to smell nice after washing. Apart from that, it does the work of a shampoo very well.My hair feels clean, and this shampoo manages to control my frizziness very well. The texture is much more manageable than it ever was. Now coming to its claim of being an anti-dandruff cleanser, well, I see no difference. On the day I wash my hair, my dandruff goes away, but on the second day, it comes back again.This shampoo is good for cleansing. But to cure dandruff, it does nothing. So, Patanjali Kesh Kanti Anti-Dandruff Hair Cleanser is not a permanent solution for dandruff.

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