L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3x Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Reviews

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3 years ago

Not effective in resisting hair fall


It must be a sudden change in the weather or just the hard water that is causing my hair to break easily. I haven’t had a hair bath without panicking looking at the number of hair strands I see falling. My comb is another story. Until recently, I never faced such problems. I started looking up home remedies and have been following few. Around two months back, I was in a supermarket and came across L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3x Shampoo. The black and hot pink packaging looked very attractive, and the claims were affirming too. Instantly, I bought the biggest bottle available which is in a pump dispenser.I have combination hair which gets oily on the scalp in about two days time and dries on the tips. So considering my oily scalp, I wash my hair four times a week. And every weekend, I try my best to either oil my hair or make an organic hair mask. During that time, I have to use the shampoo two times for thorough cleaning.Now coming to if I like L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3x Shampoo or not, I will say that I’m on 50-50 level. I do regret buying such a huge bottle in one go. This L’Oreal shampoo has the most appealing scent which lasts long. That way, my hair smells fresh all the time. My scalp is cleansed decently, and the oiliness on it is pretty much controlled. The reason why I got this shampoo was my massive hair fall, but even after two months, I don’t see noticeable changes. My hair has become very soft, and the texture looks like silk, but I think that is mostly from my home remedy combination.I personally feel that this shampoo is not very effective in terms of resisting hair fall. And the claim is too far-fetched.

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