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Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil is a blend of jasmine flower extract and botanical oils that dissolves impurities and breaks down makeup without disturbing the natural balance of your skin. It does not make dry out your skin or leaving it feeling stretched and tight. This cleansing oil can be used in the morning for a refreshing start to the day and at night for a soothing end to a stressful day. It comes in a sturdy transparent bottle with a pump dispenser.

Bhavya Badrinarayan Review

Bhavya Badrinarayan


I am a makeupholic, and I wear makeup every day. Even if it is just a casual day, I have makeup on. Having said that, I need to use a makeup remover every day as well. There were times when l just passed out with my makeup on and I got one or two breakouts. So I make sure that I remove my makeup every night. Over the years, I have used many cleansers but have never stuck to one. This time around I am using Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, and it has been over a month.I first started using the smaller bottle but then, seeing how well it works, I also got the bigger bottle. I carry the small bottle in my bag and keep the bigger bottle at home. The bigger bottle is a little bulky, so I don’t carry it around. But it is travel-friendly as the dispenser can be locked securely by turning it the other way.Yes, it is quite expensive, but after experiencing the results, I feel like it is worth it. I have dry skin, so it is essential for me to get every bit of moisture that I can. Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil does not make my skin feel stretchy or out off moisture, and that is one of the reasons I adore it.I use this cleansing oil every night to remove my makeup and call it a night. It works very well in eliminating everything, even eye makeup, without any irritation. I never had any issues with dryness, irritation, or breakouts when using this oil. I pump it 4-5 times on my palm and start rubbing it gently on my bare skin. The oil becomes a little creamy once it comes in contact with water and rinses off like a face wash. I don’t need to rewash my face nor do I need a toner to set my face. This cleansing oil has made my night routine easier and faster.So did I find the ultimate makeup cleanser? Probably. But quite honestly, I do have the urge to try a different product, which I will after I run out of these two bottles. Then again, if the next product doesn’t work like this one, I will stick to this cleansing oil from Bobbi Brown.

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