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2 years ago

Rich pigmentation!


This is easily one of the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever had. I bought three shades - Charcoal, Camel, and Cocoa. I use Charcoal as an eyebrow filler because I have very naturally dark eyebrows, like the rest of my hair. And I also use Camel and Cocoa as eyeshadows because I have a warm skin tone. These two shades are perfect if you want a subtle but popping finish. I’m so glad that I found these two shades – they are just perfect for my skin tone.The main thing I love about these Bobbi Brown eye shadows is how rich the pigmentation is. I usually don’t have to apply so much, especially during the daytime. But I do double or sometimes triple coat it when I want a dramatic smoky look. It’s really easy to blend. Sometimes, I just use my fingers instead of blending brushes, and they still turn out great.These eyeshadows are super silky, which makes them easy to apply and blend. I’ve been using the same shades for a while now, at least for six months. I’m surprised that I haven’t finished up everything already. I get a lot of compliments from my girlfriends since I started using it. And now, I’m looking forward to trying out more shades.

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