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Calvin Klein Eternity For Women Eau De Parfum Spray is inspired by lasting romance and intimacy. It is a combination of timeless and modern styles. It is a luscious blend of soft woods, specially chosen flowers, and citrus fruits – all of which work together to reflect the essence of a romantic woman. It comes in a minimal transparent glass bottle with a silver press-spray lid.

Cheni Adukia Review


A little goes a long way


Fresh flower fragrance

I strongly believe that the fragrance you wear should match your personality and aura. Also I believe the fragrance should be appropriate according to the season, occasion and duration that you wish it to stay for. For my daily wear I prefer something fresh, floral and mild, but there are occasions when I like to wear a fragrance that’s bold, overpowering. Specially when going out for those special dinner dates, I like my fragrance to reflect the romantic and intimate side of my personality. And this perfume is all about that, I love how mildly over powering and intimate the fragrance is. I also love the perfect blend of cosiness that the softwoods and flowers add to its vibes. It’s also a very lost lasting fragrance, which makes me smell heavenly throughout in humid weather of Mumbai. I find it more apt for a chilly and cosy night scene, instead of a summer or a daywear. Also the packaging of the perfume gives the first impression of the fragrance that it holds, and this one comes in a minimal see through glass bottle with a silver spray lid. I would have loved it more if the spray lid had a secure lid on top of it. But the packaging does justice to the less is more identity of the fragrance that it has. Just a few sprays are enough, as the fragrance is long lasting and strong, and because I choose to wear it occasionally a 50 ml bottle lasted me for really long. Its also available in a 100 and 200 ml variant if you are looking out for something in a larger quantity. According to me this does not fall in the expensive category, so if you are looking for a romantic gift for your lady in life this can be your best bet.

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