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2 years ago

Highly Pigmented and Very Versatile.


Easy to blend

Highly pigmented

Strong staying power

products that are very versatile and one product can be used in different ways in order make the most of it. While looking for a good eyeshadow for myself, my friend who also happens to be a makeup expert suggested me this range from Bobbi brown. What I really like about this eye shadow is that, this can also be used on my brows and also as a liner when needed. Completely fits into my requirement of a versatile product. These are available in a wide ramge of 22 shades, The shades that I got my hands on are Slate (which is a Medium grey) and Cocoa (this one is a Ashy dark brown) Now why I selected these because, these can be build up on or down depending on the occasion you wish to wear these on. Also using a wet brush you can give a beautiful and different look to your eyes. Further more, these eye shadows are highly pigmented, it glides very easily and blends beautifully on your lids. I use either my fingertips or a brush to apply these. Talking about the longevity of the product, these last for about a good four to five hours and is also very easily removable with help of a water based make up remover. Further more I have realised that, it gives best results if you prep up your eyes well with a primer or a moisturiser before wearing these. Moving on to the packaging, It comes in a square flip-open case with a transparent lid, which I feel looks very minimalistic and classy. Also this is very compact in size and much travel friendly, as these come in individual shades. I feel it to be slightly on the expensive side, but with the quality this offers and because this lasts for really long, its totally worth the money.

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