NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base Reviews

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2 years ago

A must buy for all makeup lovers.


Smooth application

Intensifies pigmentation of eyeshadows

Helps eyeshadows last longer

Prevents fallout

Being a non-make up person, I never realised the importance of using a specific and correct eyeshadow primer before wearing an eye shadow. It was only when I got this done from a dear friend who happens to be a professional make up artist, who explained me the difference while applying it on my eye lids. And since then I suggest everyone to use a base before applying any eye shadow as this gives your shadow a very good pigment and prevents the product from any crease and helps the product sit for long hours. I got my hands on this beautiful product from NYX, which comes in four beautiful shades, black, white, white pearl and skin tone. I am in the shade Skin tone as I fall into the category of medium Indian skin tone. If you are looking for a lighter skin tone, its advisable to opt for white, and if you want to give a shimmery base to your eye shadow, opt for white pearl. Black helps in building a beautiful smoky eye base. Also I love that this comes packed in an individual see through glass pot with black coloured plastic lid. The quantity that this offers is approximately 7 gms, which I feel is a little less. Furthermore, what I really love about this product is that, it is not at all heavy on your pockets and is priced in the affordable category, compared to all high end make up brands. I highly recommend this product, as this has dramatically improved my eye make up game, and I feel this prevents my eye shadow from creasing and falling out and gives me a beautiful pigment. And this the basic criteria one should look for while choosing a good primer. I a m surely going back to this product

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