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2 years ago

Good for dry scalp


Contains natural ingredients


Moisturizes the hair

I was eager to use this khadi product because I love wearing khadi manufactured clothes and using their quilts. This shampoo comes in Rs 145/- for 210ml of product. This product is available in the selected outlets only but widely available online. The packaging comes in a simple plastic transparent bottle with a flip cap which is too tight to open. It prevents any accidental spill. The packaging though looks sturdy, but I did not like it much as each and every time I try to open its flip cap, I hurt my finger. ☹ The ingredients are quite herbal in nature. Although it is not mentioned whether it is parabens free or not, I assume it is free from such harmful chemicals. The consistency is thick and the color of this shampoo is jet black like any other shikakai shampoo. The fragrance is also like any shikakai product. My experience with this shampoo after oil massage- it took an extra effort to deep clean the oil from my scalp. After using it, I did not experience any dry texture of my hair. But when I used this shampoo without any oil, this shampoo was quite effective and easily cleaned my scalp and controlled the frizziness of the hair. However, this totally depends on the texture of your natural hair. Hence it is better to use a conditioner after this shampoo. It gives temporary hair shine but the next day it will turn out to be normal. It does not promote any hair growth. This shampoo is best suited for normal hair, but if you have a dry scalp then you can skip using this product. Otherwise, follow the hair conditioning. Overall, this product is basic hair and scalp cleanser which freshen up your scalp and gives a good shine to your hair. Again, it is not that perfect option for a dry scalp but if followed with good hair conditioner, then it is good too. Hence, I will rate this shampoo 3.5 stars out of 5.

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