Maybelline New York The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Reviews

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2 years ago

My favourite


Easy to blend

Buttery soft texture

This is my favourite palette of eyeshadows. I love nude shades of eyeshadow and this palette has got everything in it. I bought this palette someway around 6 months back, and I still love it dazzling colours of shade. It has 12 shades; each and every shade looks awesome when applied correctly and neatly. Not every shade is pigmented, hence falls off soon. Nevertheless, the Nudes Palette gives your eyes a plethora of luxurious shades, all in one palette. It enables you to create a new look every day. This gorgeous Maybelline Eyeshadow palette includes in-between neutral shades of subtle taupe shimmers, smooth beiges, greige tones and an intense black to define your most striking asset – your eyes.Now, if I talk about the packaging then the packaging is quite the same as the previous eyeshadow palettes. Maybelline The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette comes in a sleek golden coloured plastic case with a transparent lid. The clear plastic lid also lets you see the shades inside which is a good thing. The eyeshadow palette doesn’t come with any in-built mirror, but it does have a double-sided sponge applicator. Also, the packaging looks classy and the lid closes securely, making it sturdy as well. The total weight of this item is 9.07g and its MRP is Rs 900. This palette is good for people who go for simple shades yet it gives an elegant look. One can have light eye makeup as well as dark eye makeup for the wedding seasons too.Only a few cons which I felt in this palette are few shades are quite similar in looks, and the applicator is not well efficient to give an even look to the shades when applied. In this case, it is good to apply with a separate individual applicator which you can buy individually from the market. Moreover, as the name suggests, it has only gold and smoky shades so if someone is looking for pinkish eye look then this palette of eyeshadow cannot serve the purpose. Therefore, it is good for only golds and smoky shades lovers. The powder texture is perfect and the neutral shades are universally flattering for all skin types. In short, A great product from Maybelline.

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