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Organic India Coconut Oil is cold-pressed virgin edible coconut oil. This superfood from Organic India is of the highest quality and best taste. It is beneficial for the heart and promotes healthy functioning of the thyroid. Consuming virgin coconut oil also increases metabolism and helps initiate weight loss. The cold-pressed oil can also be used for cooking, and hair and skin care.

Samidha_Mathur Review

Best oil for dry skin and hair Samidha approves this product
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Free from chemicals

Treats dry skin problem

Good for dull hair

I bought this virgin coconut oil after being recommended by my friend to treat extremely dry skin of my husband. I bought this coconut oil at Rs 650. It was the discounted price, as its retail price is Rs 725 for 500 ml. So, quite affordable for this much quantity. Anyways, my husband applied this oil on his legs first to check for any unforeseen skin reaction. Fortunately, there was none, despite leaving it overnight on the skin. Next day when he bathes, he could feel a better skin texture. Its already been 6 months, he is using this virgin coconut oil regularly and the results are really surprising. He has much better skin now – moisturized and free from scaly look and roughness. 😊 Even I use this oil for treating my dull and lifeless hairs, and honestly speaking, my hairs are smoother and have shine in them. So, overall, this virgin coconut oil from Organic India is absolutely worth of using. One can see good and notable changes after its continuous use.

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