The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Concentrate Reviews

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1 year ago

Not justified



Moisturizing and hydrating

Absorbs well

Refines skin texture


This product of The Body Shop retails for INR 2895, wherein the net quantity provided is just 30ml. The brand claims that this product is made up of all organic ingredients that has been created for the first sign of ageing. Additionally, it not only enhances the skin texture but also makes it fresh and healthier. This serum is of thick consistency and gets quickly absorbed by the skin. It leaves no oiliness nor stickiness on the skin. Rather it gives a matte finished look to the skin keeping it moisturized. It keeps the hydrated and makes it soft, but it does nothing in terms of ant-ageing. The fine lines near the eye area are still visible as much as before. However, I feel that this product takes some extra time to show the results. Moreover, this product may not be suitable for every skin type as the hydration level is not that sufficient for dry skin. So, overall this product was not that great for solving early signs of ageing, however, it is good to keep skin soft and smooth. Yes, I feel it to be expensive as well because this cream did nothing extra good for what it is been asked to pay.

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