Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion Reviews

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2 years ago

Better for dry skin




Mild fragrance

Gets absorbed quickly

100% herbal actives

Blends easily

Suitable for all skin types


Travel-friendly packaging

The Himalaya Nourishing body lotion is pretty affordable. It costs only Rs 70 for a 100ml of the pack. Its key ingredients are Wheat Germ oil, corn oil, Apricot kernel oil, and Aloe Vera juice. Having said that, this lotion is meant for dry skin because by seeing all its ingredients, I could not stop myself to buy this body lotion for my oily skin during the summers and I felt it so greasy and sticky. So, let me start with its fragrance, which is mild and floral type. Although it is not overpowering but can be identified very quickly. The consistency is perfect; it not too thick nor too much of runny. It gets absorbed by the skin seamlessly. And it keeps the skin moisturized for good long hours. I usually apply this lotion after my bath. But despite being absorbed, I feel very oily and sticky throughout the day. Hence, I would say that this is not meant for oily skin but can do better with dry skin.

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