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2 years ago

Good product



Suitable for daily use

Doesn’t irritate eyes

Herbal formulation

Removes spots and pigmentation

Jovees Tea tree face wash comes at an affordable price, viz., Rs 65 for a 50 ml plastic tube. The major ingredients are the extracts of tea tree, lemon, olive, and Vitamin E. The fragrance is like a type of Tea tree (as it is one of the major ingredients). The brand claims that this face wash is made up of herbs and other botanical extracts which are beneficial for oily and sensitive skin. In addition to this, it will also clean impurities, dirt and removes excess oil to control acne and pimples. Intrigued by these claims I purchased this face wash, and I did not regret at all. This face wash is good for oily skin during the summers. It controls excess oil and keep oily skin acne-free. I noticed that it does not lather much, which was indeed a good sign. Moreover, its gel-like consistency and mild fragrance gave me a fresh look removing some tan as well. But, this face wash should be avoided during the winters because it can make your skin drier and stretchy. Dry skin people should not skip using this face wash as it is not for them.

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