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1 year ago

Highly Dissapointed



‘Patanjali’, whenever we hear or read this word we start thinking of the word – trust. As this brand was promoted by a very well-known yoga guru. However, this brand has claimed that this is the best and pure honey available in the market for consumption without any adulteration. And being influenced by the ads and claims I purchased this too for self and for my family. And I believe it was my mistake. This honey, in actual, is the worst product in the market. The consistency is so runny and it tastes super artificial. It is usually been said that to test the authenticity of the honey, add a teaspoon of honey into a glass of water. Pure honey will settle down in the glass without getting dissolved, whereas, the adulterated honey will get fully dissolved. When I performed this check with this Patanjali Honey, I was so surprised to see that this so-called ‘pure’ was completely dissolved into the water. Although we hardly get any pure honey in this commercialised market, at least, Patanjali should not mislead its prospective buyers by advertising such emotional ads. I am totally disappointed with this product and hence will not suggest anyone buy this honey.

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