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1 year ago

Not Effective


Natural ingredients

Suitable for all skin types

This anti-acne cream from the brand Himalaya is not widely available in the market, hence one has to order it from the official website of the Himalaya. So, this cream is for all acne-prone skin types. This 30gm tube retails for INR 45. It has a typical ‘Himalaya’ product sort of packaging, which is a white plastic tube and green screw cap. The consistency of this cream is pretty thick and powdery and come in off white colour. This cream can be used twice in a day after cleansing the face. This cream is quite average in its results. There was nothing ‘wow’ in it. It did not cure pimples and acne. Yes, some sort of skin irritation and inflammation caused due to the pimples has resolved. Due to its powdery consistency, no matter how much you massage it, it will leave aa white cast and some powder-like substance on the face. To conclude, this anti-acne cream is not worthy to buy and it is also not very effective to treat active pimples and acne. It does not work wither on the dark spots as well. Hence, I will not recommend Himalaya Clarina Anti Acne cream. Better to go with any other cream.

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