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2 years ago

Nice but not completely herbal


Removes tan

Easy application and removal


This creamy mask has been developed especially for the tan removal purpose. This cream comes in a white jar with Milk, honey and geranium oil as its main ingredients. The product is affordable as it retails for just Rs 75 wherein 40g of net quantity is provided. It is effective in removing the tan if it is been used regularly. It is helpful in removing the dark spots too. The fragrance is mild and pleasant but it clearly indicates the presence of some extra chemical ingredients too. According to my, this a major drawback as the brand has not disclosed the complete list of ingredients on the pack. Although the product is effective and result-oriented, it dries out the skin a lot. Hence, moisturization is a must after its use. This is a vegetarian and cruelty-free product but is vegan or not, is not mentioned on the pack. Moreover, the product is not widely available in India, however, one may find it in some of the online shopping platforms. To conclude, I would say that this is a nice tan removing cream mask but not too sure about the ingredients. This makes the skin dry as well, so make sure to use a good moisturizer.

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