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Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant offers day-long odor control with its new, non-irritating, alcohol-free formula. This deodorant fights sweat and body odor effectively while its gentle formula leaves your underarms feeling soft, smooth, and fresh. It is also dermatologically proven to be skin tolerant. Its bottle has a no-cap design, hence there's no chances of breakage. It comes in a click-lock system that prevents spillage.

Samidha_Mathur Review

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Nivea Protect and care deodorant comes in a metal bottle of 150ml whose actual price is INR 199, but widely available everywhere with some percentage of discounts. The color of the bottle is trademarked ‘Nivea Blue’ wherein it is printed non-irritating and 48h protection. According to my experience, I do not find these claims to be true. Whenever I apply this on my underarms, I feel some amount of irritation, moreover, it does not stay for even 1 hour on my body. The fragrance is just like any other Nivea product, which is very light and hardly gets noticed. I do not want overpowering fragrance, but at least fragrance should stay in the body in order to control the body odor problem. And here, Nivea fails. Moreover, it has harsh and toxic chemicals which can make the skin of your underarms ‘black’. So the regular use of this deodorant is also not good.

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