The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel Reviews

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1 year ago

My favourite


Cleans effectively


Good packaging

Lathers well

Fresh fragrance

This shower gel comes in a bottle of 250ml, which is pretty good in size. Its packaging looks elegant and beautiful in a green plastic bottle with a flip-open cap. The actual product is semi-transparent although it looks transparent in its pack. The consistency is thick yet runny, but the fragrance is very amazing and soothing. It relaxes the senses with its fresh smell of green tea. This shower gel lathers pretty well, hence a minimal quantity is sufficient to do the job. It cleanses my body effectively and makes me feel fresh and relaxed. It is not drying for my oily skin neither it creates more oil. Overall, I am happy with this product as it delivers the purpose of use. It feels like a spa when I use while bathing. It is a vegan product and free from harmful chemicals. So, definitely this product gets a thumbs up from me.

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