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Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste is formulated with the goodness of charcoal, which protects your teeth and gums from plague build-up and fights germs. The micro charcoal particles infused in the formula eliminate germs by penetrating between the teeth and along the gumline. It fights and kills bacteria, protecting for 12 hours. It shields the gum and teeth from dental problems such as gingivitis, plague build-up, tartar, and cavities. The product removes yellowness and stains from teeth, ensuring whiter teeth. The anti-germ toothpaste offers protection from sensitivity. The flavor refreshes your breath.

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Travel friendly


Prevents bad breath

Prevents cavity

Deep cleans mouth

Sensitivity protection

This is that product category which can not confirm the results until and unless it is been checked by any professional. I have been using Colgate original toothpaste since the time of my childhood. This is the most trusted brand I can think of under this category. This product of Colgate claims that it fights with the germs on teeth, gums, and cheeks keeping the twelve dental problems away. Out of the twelve dental problems, I had one which is Tooth Sensitivity. Before, buying this toothpaste, I was using some other toothpaste, unwantedly just because of being pressurized to use that. But as my problem was getting worse, I shifted to this toothpaste believing that it will work. And trust me, friends, it worked. Over the course of time and its regular use twice in a day, I observed that my tooth sensitivity problem has gone. Now I can enjoy any cold or sweet food easily. :D The one thing which I feel about the Colgate toothpaste is that they never work on teeth whitening. Even its teeth brightening toothpaste does not work effectively. But overall, this is a nice toothpaste and can be used for any of the dental problems.

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