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1 year ago

Helpful if followed as per directed


Builds muscle

Increases strength

Helps build more mass

My brother had used this product in the chocolate flavor variant. As when he was in his 20s, he was underweight. And his physical fitness coach had suggested him to buy this product. So, I am writing this review according to his experience and opinion. This mass gainer dietary supplement is available in three flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. It comes in a net quantity of 5.44kg in a seal lock plastic packet. The taste and packaging are not satisfactory. One has to consume its 2 heaping scoops blended with 500ml skimmed milk or cold water. Only 2 servings per day are strictly recommended. At the same time, water intake in a whole 24 hours should be of at least 10 glasses and other healthy foods should also be consumed in a balanced form. This dietary supplement works well if been consumed as per to the directions mentioned. It does not lead to any side effect but if one has any doubt, he/she should consult the doctor for sure. This product gives strength and adds mass to the body. But one has to do a lot of exercises to utilize that added energy, otherwise, this mas gainer may not be helpful.

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