Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub Reviews

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1 year ago

Good for all skin types


User friendly

Scrubs gently

No coarse particles

Reduces the size of pores

Pimples can also be cleared

This scrub comes in a white plastic tube of 118ml which retails for INR 1500. The packaging is simple and minimalistic. It is easy to carry along while travelling too. The brand claims that this scrub is effective in gently scrubbing the impurities from the skin. Moreover, its bead detoxifies the pores. Neutrogena is a famous brand and it is dermatologists recommended. The texture is nice and the fragrance is also very mild and pleasant. The scrub is effective enough to gently remove the dead skin and other impurities of the skin gently. The microbeads present in the scrub is not harsh hence do not make the scrubbing so painful. It can be used twice a time in a day. If anyone uses this scrub before going to the bed at night, notable changes can be expected next day morning. Skin feels softer and smoother after its use. It controls the acne breakouts too and does not make the skin dry. Rather, it makes the skin tone brighter, but that point is only temporary. So, overall this is a nice scrub which is suitable for oily and sensitive skin. And for normal skin which is acne-prone. However, its availability can be an issue.

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