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1 year ago



Reduces puffiness of eyes

Reduces dark circles

This under eye serum comes in a bottle of 20ml which costs INR 2200. The packaging looks beautiful in its glass bottle pack and it comes along with a dispenser. Regarding its performance, it does reduce the fine lines, wrinkles and the puffiness under the eye area. It does not irritate the sensitive eye area. For best results, use it at night before applying any moisturizer on your face. Simply clean your face and with the help of your ring finger, dab the required quantity of the serum under your eye area. Do this regularly at least for two weeks, and you can start seeing the desired results. It is chemical-free and made up of organic ingredients. Furthermore, its fragrance is very much subtle, you will not feel any discomfort from this. The major drawback of this under eye serum is its availability. It is not widely available; you need to check its official website or its store for a genuine buy. Secondly, it is expensive in comparison to the quantity provided.

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