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1 year ago



Easy to digest

Low fat

Vestige Protein powder comes in two size variants – 200g and 500g, and it costs INR 685 and INR 1600 respectively. Being protein powder, the brand claims that it is this nutritional supplement is helpful in muscle growth as well as in preventing the cardiovascular problem. This protein powder can be consumed either with milk or water. It is easy to digest as well. It does not lead to any other health-related problems as well. But before consuming the same, one should consult with his or her doctor. Although there are some exceptions to the situations, in general, it is safe to consume Vestige Protein Powder. So, to conclude I would state that whoever is willing to consume protein powder should perform the physical activity as well. It will make it easily digestible. This protein powder can be available through its official website or even at other online shopping platforms. In short, this product is recommended.

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