D’Free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.3


1 year ago

Helpful but not completely


Mess-free application

Easy to wash away

Convenient Packaging

Does not lead to any hair fall problem

D’free Anti-dandruff lotion comes very convenient to hold, flat purple-coloured bottle with a green cap. It has a small nozzle which makes the application task easy and quick. The bottle leak-proof and you can also be taken along while travelling. The actual product comes white coloured solution with a runny consistency. When I apply this lotion on my scalp it gives me a tingling sensation, but when I massage my scalp, this tingling sensation goes away. I leave my scalp with this solution overnight and wash it off the next morning. It is been 4 weeks now, and I have noticed that itching and dandruff have been reduced to some extent, but it is not completely over now. Even I wonder whether it will prevent its reoccurrence or not. Moreover, it does not lead to any hair fall issue or any other related problem, so I guess I will continue using this product for some more time.

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