Jovees Amla and Bael Revitalising Hair Tonic Reviews

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1 year ago

Good but slow in results


Travel-friendly bottle

Leak-proof bottle

Mild fragrance

This hair tonic comes in a beautiful packaging of 200ml bottle which costs around INR 165. The bottle is transparent but looks maroonish-red due to its product. The small nozzle attached in its bottle dispenses the correct amount of product and makes it spill-proof as well. The consistency is pretty like any water but the application of this hair tonic becomes easy as it blends nicely. A non-sticky, lightweight texture makes it further better too. As its consistency is like water hence when it is being applied on the scalp it makes the hair wet, but once it dries it never feels heavy on the scalp. It is better to apply this hair tonic at night time before bed, as it gets much time to work on the scalp, and next morning one can do shampoo on the hair. Performance-wise it works slowly on its results but delivers decent results. Hair fall becomes less, hair texture becomes soft and smooth. Although it does not do anything for dandruff problem.

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