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2 years ago

awesome with a satin touch


satin smooth

long lasting

safe for every skin type

shades are vibrant

Mac is a brand which runs with its name only. the products are actually worth for the money. Honestly, I did not dare purchase this product because of its high price. But it was there with my friend, she insisted me to try MAC Satin Lipstick. She had a red colored shade and as It was an occasion of a reception function I agreed to give it a trial. Initially when I saw Mac, I said dont spoil your expensive Lipstick, she said just try and you would surely switch to it. I applied it using a small lip color applicator brush, Let me tell you though it takes time, yet it is better to use a brush for the application of your lipstick rather than the direct application. The apllication was as expected, ordinary and simple just like other lipsticks. But what I like about it is that it has a natural satis smooth texture. It also helos to give your up a perfect shape you want. Like I wanted to highlight my eyes, so I chose to stay low on lips an dI applied this pigment after lining my lips small. I applied the MAC Satin Lipstick and in just one application it gave me a full coverage. It is long lasting, it stays for around 5 hours without any smudge and touch up. It does transfer but even after that the pigment and effect are pretty good. Price is always a concern for Mac. Though I haven't bought it yet, but after trying it I decided to have at least one shade with me. So if you can afford a little more than your usual colors try this one.

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