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2 years ago

Beautiful colours


Super-rich formula

Highly pigmented


Extensive shade range


Good applicator

OPI nail lacquer is cult-favourite nail paints that are known for its quality and wide range of colours. Though it is expensive, I adore this product. This nail paint has a classy packaging and has an applicator that makes it easy to apply the nail paint. The wide range of colours is perfect for creating beautiful nail art. This nail paint claims to be chip and crack resistant, but it does chip and cracks after a day of applying. It has a smooth and even finishes and so I love this nail paint. The colour is simply superb and stunning. It has bold shades and subtle and classy shades as well. These shades seen from the transparent bottle of this nail paint, are true to its colours. It does not spread into a translucent layer, but it covers the nails in just one swipe and can be double layered to make the colour even more vibrant. However, do not layer it much as it can easily chip off if you try to meddle with your nails after applying it. OPI nail lacquers are now easily available in India but my favourite shades are out of stock most of the time. Hence, availability is an issue which is the downside of this nail paint. Also, the fragrance is a bit too strong for me. But, it goes after a few minutes. Otherwise, this is a great nail polish and I love the finish and quality of this product. It is definitely a premium product and the difference can be seen when you use similar shades of nail paint from other cheaper brands and then use this one. I would strongly recommend OPI nail lacquers to people who love painting their nails and experimenting with colours.

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