Corioliss 3 In 1 Digital Heated Hot Brush Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.2


1 year ago

Saves time


Straightens and detangles hair

Easy to use

Heat-protective bristles

Quick results

Adds shine


Gives a ‘naturally straight’ effect

Corioliss 3-in-1 Digital Heated Hot Brush is an affordable hot brush that is designed to give a naturally straight hair. It looks like normal hairbrush but has a heating pad that gets heated to straighten the hair. It also helps in controlling frizz by making it weigh down. The hairbrush is easy to use and gives stunning results. It makes the hair shiny and straight in just a few minutes. It is not hard like the flat irons that take a lot of time to gets the desired result. I usually end up asking for help to straighten my hair whenever I use other straighteners. But this hot brush is easy to use and I can do it on my own without anybody's help. I simply part my hair into sections and brush through the length of my hair starting from the roots. Though this brush does not radiate heat to the roots. it starts straightening the hair from as close as possible to the roots. It has a plug cord at one end and a LED screen behind the brush. The LED shows the temperature of the hot brush. I suggest using a heat-protecting cream before using this hot brush to minimize the heat damage to the hair. Also, I do not use it every day as it makes my hair limp and my scalp looks oily. This heated brush does not give you pin-straight hair but it can definitely tame the frizz and make it look naturally silky and straight. I wish there was a heat setting mode in this brush. But then, with the added features, comes the added price and this hot brush is priced reasonably so that everyone can afford a straightening hot brush.

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