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2 years ago

Creamy shades


Creamy, velvety shades

Matte finish

Affordable singles

Infused with vitamin E

Blends well

Lasts long

Pigmented shades

If you are a makeup lover and keep experimenting with makeup you'll know how eye shadows exemplify the whole look. Coloressence HD matte eyeshadow is an affordable single eyeshadow. It comes in a small pan with a transparent lid. There are more than 5 shades available in this range and although this is a very limited number when compared to the availability of shades in other brands, this eyeshadow stands a class apart. Coloressence HD matte eyeshadow has a creamy consistency that blends well and can be easily applied on the lids. The neutral shades available in this can be used as an eyeshadow primer and helps in enhancing the colour of the eyeshadow applied over it. It had vitamin E added to it to make it nourishing. I love the seamless blending of this eyeshadow in one go. These eyeshadows are priced competitively and will suit your budget. It has great pigmentation that only a little amount of effort is needed to get the desired look. This eyeshadow by Coloressence does not have shimmers in it and has a matte finish. I love such eyeshadows that are not shimmery or shiny as it makes the colour look even more vibrant. The only downside of these eyeshadows that I have noticed from my personal experience is that it smudges a lot. If you are not used to carrying makeup for a long time and accidentally rub your eyes, then you might end up looking like a panda. Since this is a creamy eyeshadow this issue is unavoidable and the only thing you can do about this is to keep your hands off your face while the makeup is on. I would recommend trying these eyeshadows at least once.

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