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2 years ago

Lovely fragrance


Oil-clear formula

Imparts natural glow

Controls sebum production


Pears Oil Clear and Glow Soap are one of my favourite soaps since I was a little girl. It has an oil-control formula and so I prefered using it. However, I do not use it on my face as soaps for face is not something recommended if you want to preserve the natural oils of your face. Talking about this soap, it has a beautiful green colour and is translucent. It has glycerin and lemon flower extracts in it which is good for oily skinned people. It controls sebum and helps in maintaining a clear and acne-free complexion. I love the fragrance of this soap which is quite refreshing. It is not a cream-based soap but the glycerin in it helps in moisturizing the skin and keeping it from dryness. It makes the skin soft and supple instantly. It also gives a nice glow to the skin. I would definitely recommend this soap followed by a body lotion or a moisturizer to keep the skin well-hydrated. People with body acne and sensitive skin may use this as it helps in soothing the skin. It does not irritate the skin as it is mild. One thing I hate about this cream is that it contains alcohol and sulphates. Alcohol makes the skin dry by ripping off the oils. Even oily skin may become dry and sensitive with the prolonged usage of alcohol. I was disappointed with the fact that such a big brand uses harmful chemicals in its products. How I wish they could have avoided it. I no longer buy this soap for the same reason, but I love the original Pears soap and still use it. I would not recommend this soap due to the presence of harmful chemicals.

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