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1 year ago

Best Lip balm


Available in different flavors

Moisturizes and nourishes lips


I have used a number of lip balms but Avon Natura Lip balm is the one I keep coming back to. This lip balm is so good that I cannot resist using this. Whenever my lips are dry and chapped, this lip balm is the one I bank upon. This comes in two amazing flavours that you'll fall i love with. It has a rich texture that glides on the lips and forms a protective layer. It does not allow the lips to get dry so easily and moisturizes it. This lip balm is very effective in repairing the chapped lips, especially during winters when lip balms and hand creams become a necessity rather than a choice. This is only lip balm that I've used last winters and it did a great job of protecting the delicate skin of the lips and making it look healthy and pink. This is totally affordable and will last you for a long time. Hence, this is highly recommended!

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