Lotus Herbals Jojoba Wash Active Milli Capsules Nourishing Face Wash Reviews

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2 years ago

Nourishing face wash



Eliminates dead skin cells

Refreshing sensation

Hydrates and conditions skin

Lotus Herbals Jojobawash is a facial cleanser with micro jojoba beads. It has added vitamins to make the face soft and supple. It is mild in nature and can be used by all skin types. I have a combination skin type and this face wash suits me well. It is ideal for winters when I do not like to use a cream-based face wash which rips off the oil from the face. It has a great fragrance which calms the senses. This face wash from Lotus herbals is one of the best-selling face washes because it suits all skin types. It cleanses the skin well and does not have a stretchy feel post-wash as the other face washes do. My skin feels brighter and glowy after using this face wash. However, the glow lasts only for some time. It is recommended to use this face wash at least twice a day for at least a month to notice visible changes in your skin texture. Though it is a moisturizing face wash, it never caused any pimples or irritation. The Milli capsules or beads present in this face wash helps in exfoliating the skin by shredding off the dead skin cells and other impurities. The Vitamin E present in this face wash nourishes the skin and makes it look instantly healthy and glowy. I would definitely repurchase this face wash as this suits my skin type well. Be it dry skin or oily skin, moisturization is a must after using this face wash or for that matter any face wash. I would also recommend you to try this for yourself to comment on its effectiveness as it is affordable and available easily offline and online.

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