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1 year ago

Value for money


Gone are those days when there were only 2-3 brands of sanitary pads available in the market and us, women, had no other option but to choose from them. Times have changed now and there are a lot of organic and safe made brands coming up with innovative technology that has changed the way we looked at periods. Earlier, it was scary to get stained while in a public place or spoiling bedsheets at night just because the pads couldn't hold so long. I did not even talk about the foul odour and the irritation these bleached pads gave us. I recently saw VWash Sanitary Pads while browsing for monthly groceries and went on to read what's so different about this pad. I read through and decided to try it once and so added it to the cart. I have already used VWash intimate cleansing wash and liked it a lot. The pads from this brand are made of the best quality material and technology that does not cause any irritation or rashes and is soft on the skin. I really liked the feel of these pads and to my surprise, my periods were less messy than it used to be. Absolutely loved it and will definitely repurchase it!

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