Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar Reviews

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1 year ago

Average product


I am not so fond of using a soap bar on my face. However, I tried Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Moor Mud Facial Bar for a few days and hence this review. The pros of this facial bar are many but I still think its an average product as it did not do what it claims. It has a great fragrance which smells like Oudh or ittar. It has ingredients like grape seed oil and lemon extracts which are good for combination and oily skin. However, this facial bar made my skin a bit dry and so I replaced it with a face wash. It did not break me out either did it work on the pigmentation or dark spots. It does have a mild exfoliating effect on the skin but it is not effective in removing tan. I would recommend trying this facial bar if you are a soap person and do not like to use mild cleansers or face wash.

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