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1 year ago

Ultimate Kajal


Plum is one of the very few vegan brands available in India and I absolutely love their products. I got Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal when it was launched. This still stays in the top of my list of kohls and kajal. It is intensely pigmented and the blackest kajal I've ever used. It never irritated my eyes and is absolutely skin-safe. This kajal is made of natural ingredients that are good for the eyes. This kohl pencil comes with a sharpener which makes the tip sharper for precise application. I love tightening using this kajal for a sultry look. I wish it comes in a retractable pencil so that we could be free from the hassle of sharpening it. I use this every day and only a little finger-sized kohl is left now. However, I am definitely going to repurchase this kajal forever until something better than this comes.

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