Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Shampoo Reviews

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2 years ago

Keeps hair clean and soft


Fresh, long-lasting fragrance

Deep cleanses hair

Removes oiliness

Revitalizes dull hair

Travel friendly


It was my sister who used Garnier shampoo before me. It was a regular shampoo which came out first in the market among their other shampoos. She has a good sense of makeup and she gets products only if they are totally worth it and I totally trust her in beauty products. I became curious in using the shampoo when I saw it. I got the shampoo when I went to a store and it was great. Then Garnier introduced many shampoos and conditioners with different specification for different people. Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Shampoo comes in a green color plastic bottle with golden flip cap. The packaging is travel friendly. The price is also affordable. Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Shampoo's formula contains 5 herbs. They are Green tea, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, Lemon, and Henna. The product have antioxidant property and antibacterial property. They moisturize your hair and add shine to it. The product claims to keep your hair clean from dust and impurities caused by pollution. Regarding the application of shampoo: Wet your hair and scalp. Take a small quantity of shampoo and apply the shampoo on your scalp. It is better to dilute the shampoo in water before applying to avoid harsh chemicals. Work on lather by massaging your scalp and through the length of your hair. Rinse it off with water and now apply the conditioner. Wait for 2-3 minutes and wash it with water. The shampoo is pale green in color and has a great fragrance. The texture is runny and it is easy to apply and form lather. The hair becomes soft and shiny. The product cleans the scalp from dust, dirt and impurities. It gives a fresh feel. The fragrance lasts long in hair after shampooing. This shampoo doesn't add volume. Use the matching conditioner for the shampoo you use to get desired results.

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