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2 years ago

For best results shampoo, conditioner and serum should be from matrix brand.



Good for daily use

Smoothes the hair

Controls frizziness

Once, I went to parlour for a layer cut and blow-dry. My hair stylist used shampoo and matrix serum for my hair. My hair was soft, shiny and silky. I had the softness and shine in hair for 3 days until I took headbath. She also told me about other matrix products they use in parlour. I haven't seen their products in stores before and so, I didn't know what matrix brand actually is. Matrix products are available in parlours and online. Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle. It has a flip cap. The cap closes tightly avoiding leakage. It is travel friendly. The price is also affordable. The shampoo claims to provide anti-frizz smoothness and a manageable hair. The shampoo is transparent. It has a medium consistency. It also has a floral fragrance which I like. The shampoo lathers well. Dilute the shampoo in water before applying on wet scalp and hair. Massage well with fingers and then rinse it. Also use matrix conditioner after shampooing. Allow the conditioner remain on hair for 2-3 minutes and rinse it off. Also I use matrix serum before styling my hair after my hair dries. The shampoo cleans the scalp from dust and dirt which are caused by pollution. It also removes oil from hair. It is paraben free and could be used often. Hair becomes soft. I think it is the serum which adds the shine to hair. Don't apply too much of serum or you will get an oily effect. Just 2 -3 drops will do, if you have a medium length hair. Hair is manageable and the frizz is reduced to an extent. I have an oily hair and my hair was hydrated. I am not sure about how it works on dry hair. The effect remains for 2-3 days. My friend tried using different conditioner for matrix shampoo and she said her hair was dry and unmanageable. So, if you want to get good results, it is best to use shampoo, conditioner and serum from matrix brand which costs much when all 3 are bought.

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