Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild Reviews

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2 years ago



Hydrates skin

Removes excess oil

Brightens skin instantly

Soft skin


Pump dispenser

Clinique have given good products which actually give the desired results, even though they are priced high. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild is like an another feather added to their quality hat. Yes, this product is good and works on skin to give a healthy look. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap face wash is like they are precisely customized to suit each type of skin based on the texture: dry, oily or combination skin. The variant extra mild is designed for very dry to dry skin people. It can also be used by combination skin as my friend who has a combination skin uses it and is happy with the results it gave. The product is a liquid soap which is dermatologically developed to be gentle on the skin, yet cleanses it thoroughly. It claims to removes dirt and grime, loosens surface flakes, and cleanses it without disturbing skin’s natural moisture balance. The product comes in a light green bottle with a pump dispenser. This pump dispenser is easy to use and avoids wastage of product. It is leakage free and travel friendly. The price is too expensive but worth every penny. One of my friend who uses this product for past 8 months have a combination skin and her skin skin is prone to acne. She was looking for a gentle face wash which could solve the issue of both oily and dry skin. She got this, inspite of knowing it is expensive and she is satisfied with her skin and uses it continuously until today. She said the facewash is very gentle that it doesn't irritate her skin or aggravates the breakouts. The product has a creamy texture which is not too thick or too runny. It doesn't lather so well but does the job perfectly. It gives a cooling sensation on skin due to the presence of menthol and she feels fresh and cool. The face wash deep cleans the dust, impurities, dirt caused by the pollution and keep her skin healthy. The product also removes the excess oil from her t zone and hydrates her dry skin on cheeks. It also adds an instant brightness to her skin making her look beautiful. It is fragrance free and has a very mild smell which is hard to recognize. This product doesn't lead to breakouts, at the same time don't do much on acne. She noticed a reduce in the number of acne, she got but not didn't control completely. To get a better results, you could try the clarifying lotion which is like the cleanser along with this product. This product gives a baby soft skin which looks amazing.

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