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1 year ago

Not satisfied


99% natural ingredients Paraben free Silicone free Easy to use Hydrates skin Act as primer

My friend was looking for a good serum as the previous one she was using got over. So, she ended up getting this The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Concentrate as she trusts the brand's products. The product comes in good looking transparent green bottle which is travel-friendly. It is closed by a black cap which holds the dropper. This dropper helps in taking the right amount of product needed and there is no wastage of product. It is also hygienic. This product is lightweight and nonsticky. It gets absorbed into the skin quickly and forms a perfect base for makeup. It acts as a primer for makeup. It hydrates the skin well and makes it soft. My friend was using the product for about a month but she couldn't find any difference in fine lines. It didn't work on reducing the aging signs either. She just used it as a primer and as a hydrating serum as she didn't want to waste it.

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