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Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub is a gentle yet effective daily exfoliator. Its two-way actions offer dual-benefits to the skin. First, the maximum strength acne formula with 2% Salicylic Acid penetrates pores and eliminates blackheads by removing the oil and dirt trapped inside. Then, this gentle scrub exfoliates your skin without over drying it and prevents blackheads from recurring. The scrub cleanses your skin from deep within, leaving you feeling and looking refreshed.

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Neutrogena is a well known brand which manufactures products with good quality. Once you use them, surely you will buy it again. I have an oily skin which is very sensitive but thank God I don't have any blackheads. But my friend who has blackheads got this product from a local store. She has a fair, oily skin. She often gets blackheads over her nose which makes her look not so good. Going to parlour often to get blackhead removed is a tedious job and costs money & time. When she read about this Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub, she wanted to try it out so badly. The product claims to clear pores of blackheads and also prevent reoccurring of blackheads. The face wash scrub comes in a white tube with a flip open cap. The packaging looks good and sturdy. It doesn't leak and can be carried in a hand bag without any worries. The scrub has white and orange tiny particles, micro beads which cleans the pores. It has a thick consistency and a creamy texture. It doesn't form much lather. Wet your face and take some quantity of the scrub. Massage your face with the scrub using fingers in circular motion. You could feel the tiny granules inbetween your palm and face. Rinse it off. You may feel a greasy effect at first but after you wipe your face with a soft cloth, your face becomes soft. The tiny granules are not hard on skin like the walnut face scrub. The micro beads gets into the pores and removes dirt and impurities from face which are caused by pollution around us. It also removes excess oil. Initially it has a tingling sensation but gives a clean and smooth skin. The scrub contains the Salicylic Acid which acts on acne and also penetrates deep to eliminate blackheads. You could see the visible effects in couple of weeks on continuous usage. The scrub is said to be used daily. But I prefer using it on alternative days or twice a week, as our skin is gentle. You could also use the scrub before makeup to exfoliate your face to get a clean, soft texture. It can also be used after you remove your makeup to get a perfect skin. The product is dermatologist tested. My friend was happy with the results and she uses the scrub twice a week to prevent new blackheads.

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