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2 years ago

Good one but results stay for short time


Basically my hair is very thin and also I have hair which breaks very easily or gets tangled with each other. I have taken many medicines for my hair and they said that this hair was hereditary and I cannot have the best hope in growing my hair. Then I was advised to use dove hairball rescue shampoo. So I started using this shampoo. The shampoo bottle is white in colour and it has a flip flop cap. The shampoo is good and consistency and a small amount is enough for my hair. It lathers well in my hair and feels so comfortable to wash it out. I liked this product very much. I felt that the hair falling has reduced but the thickness remained the same. I felt quite comfortable with this product. Bit as days passed and after three months my hair became soft but my hair started to thin again. My scalp became dry and started to it. Itching was slightly present in the beginning but it got severe as days passed. I started to feel so uncomfortable and dropped out from using this shampoo. Hair fall started again. I started using conditioner and felt a little better again. But this also lasted for a very less time. I stopped the shampoo and conditioner too. O would say that this shampoo has its effects and lasts only for a very short period of time. I might tend to recommend this to you but before you might attempt to buy this product ,be sure of your texture of your hair or if your hair is sensitive or not. This pack is travel friendly and also easy to use. Its price is affordable when compared to the quantity provided by the product. It is a product worth of its cost. But it might not be suitable for all. So be sure before you buy it

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