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2 years ago

Refreshing talc


Navratna I Cool Talc comes in a plastic black case with a green swipe up lid. The product is travel friendly and does not let the powder out. The packaging looks slightly different and sleek when compared to the regular talc. The price is affordable. The powder is white in color. It gives a refreshing feel. My husband bought this powder as he likes the cooling effect it get when used. You could feel a slight menthol like fragrance. It is truly cool and we feel relaxed. The powder is soft and has a powdery texture which is very fine. On application it does not appear to be patchy. It can also be used as a deodorant powder due to the strong smell. Some may be allergic to the strong smell. If you love menthol and it's cooling effect. You could use it. Overall a good refreshing powder with a strong fragrance at a affordable price.

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