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2 years ago

Not satisfied


When I was a beginner in makeup, I started with kajal for eyes and then slowly upgraded to eyeliners. even today kajal is my easy to go product than eyeliner. As it just needs a swipe whereas I should be extra careful while applying a liquid or gel liner. May be I need some more practice in using them. It was my cousin who introduced me to kajal. She has an attractive big eyes. Her speaks instead of her. I love her eyes. Even though I don't have a gifted eyes like her, I try out everything to make it look attractive. Something like an obsession which has haunted me till date. But its OK. Coming to this Essence Kajal Pencil. From my point this product is just an average one. May be it didn't suit my oily skin. My bad. It is a normal wooden pencil which could be sharpened. The product stick is creamy and the body is color coded for identification of the shade. It has a cap which closes rightly. The price of the product is affordable. Be careful while buying this online, as I have seen some online websites selling this product at an expensive rate. So, it is good to compare the price of the product in many websites. The kajal is creamy and the pencil gives a good grip for easy application. Sharpen the pencil for getting a fine tip as it gives a precised line. This product can be used on the waterline. But when you try to use it over the lash line, it looks clumsy sticking the eyelashes together. So, I won't recommend it to use on the lash line. The color is good, a darker black shade which is a plus. The staying power is very low to 2 hours, after which it is not found on the waterline, I think it dissolves with the water in eyes. It does smudge and transfers easily.

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