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2 years ago

It works


I have tried many products for the well-being of my hair. But I ended up in failure. I was suggested this product by a friend of mine. I am very happy that she recommended this to me. I had complaints of thinning of hair, dandruff and hair fall. The dandruff complaint started to change after within 2 days. This pack is a box of violet and green colour. It contains about 400 g which is a good quantity worth of its price. it is very easy to use. Even though it has a heavy smell its good effects are plenty. It gives good shining appearance to my hair. The ingredients are 100% natural and it did not cause any allergic reaction to the scalp. It keeps my hair well-nourished and hair fall has reduced. It is said to stimulate the functions of hair follicles. Now its been two months and I can see a good improvement in the growth of my hair.

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