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1 year ago

5 in 1 product


Travel friendly Affordable Instant brightness

My friend found Nivea Total Face Cleanup when she was just looking through the products in the supermarket. The product claimed to offer 5 benefits and it could be used as a face wash or a scrub or a mask. Hearing it's claims she was excited to try it on her oily skin with acne. The product comes in a white plastic tube with a flip open cap. The product is travel-friendly and affordable. She loves the fragrance of this product and it lingered on her for about an hour. The product has a creamy consistency with blue granules which does the exfoliating part and it unclogs the pores gently. The product deep cleans the skin and eliminates dirt and oil. It gives an instant brightness and a mattified skin. It has a soothing feel when rubbed over the skin gently. She usually uses it as a face mask than as a scrub or face wash. The brightness last for few hours. It did not lighten the dark spots nor reduced acne. It is a instant fairness product.

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