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1 year ago

Moisturizes lips well with a glossy look


I have a very dry and chapped lips. It sometimes even bleed during winter or when I am in a air conditioned room. So, I always wear a lip balm. From the time I wake up till I go to bed I need a lip balm and I carry it with me wherever I go. I usually by Nivea and Himalaya brand. And I love lip balm with a fruity scent and color tinted ones. I never knew there was a lip balm from Avon brand until I saw my sister using it. This Avon Naturals Lip Balm comes in different variants. They come in a retractable tube which has the picture of the main ingredient in it. The base and cap of this lip balm is white in color. These lip balms have color. And one neutral color. The product claims to give intense moisturization and a shine to lips. The tube is short and small, so it can be easily carried in a purse or handbag. The price of the product is also affordable. The lip balm comes in a chap stick form and the variant strawberry and cherry are red tinted ones. They give a mild shade when applied over lips. This lip balm are creamy when applied over lips and moisturizes the lips deeply. The hydration stays in the lips for a long time until you wash your face and goes off when you sip drinks. Just glide the lip balm over your lips. There is no need for exfoliation. This lip balm intensely moisturizes dry lips. It also has fruity scent which I love. I always carry it with me so I could use whenever I need. I apply it before going to bed at night and sleep. In the morning I wake up with a soft and supple lips.

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