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2 years ago

Good one but I am allergic to its fragrance


I like to try different talc powder with different smell. Ponds has been one of the the brand from my mothers time. They have different variants and they all have different fragrances. My grandmother loves this brands powder. She always see to that when one powder gets over she get a new one by then. This Ponds dreamflower fragrant talc and has been in usage since my childhood. It comes in a white bottle which is cylindrical in shape. This bottle is covered by white and pink wrapper which has a flower picture in it. It also has pink cap which could be to open and close. This is available in various sizes. I usually get it in two sizes one is a very small size which is handy when I go travelling and the other is the bigger one which is kept on my dressing table. As my whole family uses this powder we get a bigger one. It is priced reasonably. The product is powdery and it is white in colour. It has a good smell which is not too strong or too mild. But as I am allergic to certain smell I prefer Ponds starlight over this one. But my grandmother and sister like the smell of the talc. The powder is soft and smooth. It gives a good fragrance after we give you said but this fragrance last only for some time after the usage. I have a yellow undertone skin tone so when I use this powder my skin becomes one shade lighter. I don't know this reason but I have felt it many a times. It absorbs the excess oil on my face and makes me oil free. Overall a good powder at a reasonable price which is liked by many of my family members but as the fragrance feels strong for me I usually don't go with this.

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