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2 years ago

Amazing product


I have an oily skin and I usually used moisturiser only during the winter season. If the winter has started weather rain sometimes in my city I got this Himalaya nourishing body lotion. Whatever beauty products I buy I look up to Himalaya brand first. Their products have given me good results and are available at a reasonable price. This body lotion is available easily in all stores and when we talk about its packaging it comes in the regular white Opaque plastic bottle with a green flip open cap. The bottle is leakage free and also you could carry it in your back while travelling. As I have mentioned before this body lotion is available at a table and reasonable price. The Himalaya nourishing body lotion is enriched with the goodness and extracts of aloe vera and winter cherry. I love products containing extracts of aloe vera as they are very good for our skin. And when I get this aloe vera contain product that too from the Himalaya brand it is like a double Bonanza. The lotion is white in colour with a creamy consistency. After taking your shower apply this lotion all over the body or at the areas where you feel the dryness of skin. You can use this whenever you want but I felt using this after shower in the morning and at the night before going to bed works best for me. This lotion spreads evenly get absorbed quickly in the skin. Even though I have an oily skin this lotion doesn't make my skin greasy but gives a soft feel. The fragrance is mild and it is not allergic. In case you have a dry skin you may need a frequent application of this body lotion. Overall this lotion suits my oily skin very well and keep it hydrated during the winter.

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